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Efecte: your partner for digital transformations »

Implementing a digital transformation or digitalizing your services can prove more difficult than it might seem. There is an ever-growing number of tools,...

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4 weeks to go before GDPR. IT Service Manager - are you ready? »

As we all know by now, according to the GDPR, any individual that has used your ITSM solution may request that her personal data (including such a trivial...

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[Infographic] Four steps to meet 72 h GDPR reporting timeline.    »

In our previous blog post we discussed what to do with your ITSM tool to comply with the new GDPR  legislation and its requirement to report GDPR -related...

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How to turn your Service Management Tool into a Data Privacy Solution »

You’ve got already an ITSM tool and you are wondering whether you need a separate tool to become GDPR-compliant? Why don’t you enhance your ITSM tool to...

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