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Drowning in emails? Move your service business to the cloud in just ten days »

Many organizations are currently facing an unprecedented amount of contact requests from their customers and remote-working employees. The situation with...

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The Road to a Workplace Culture Built on Trust »

During challenging times, a lot depends on trust and company culture. How we all live it can either break us or make us.

The results of the 2020 survey of...

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Tags: Service Management, IT Service Management, Digitalization

What is XaaS – IT Lingo Only or Something Disrupting Your Industry? »

If you are a consumer of media of any form, megatrends like Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Everything as a Service or XaaS are close to impossible to...

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Tags: Service Management, IT Service Management, Digitalization, crisis management

Mitigating Corona Together – letter to Efecte’s customers »

Dear Efecte Customers and Partners, 

a little more than a week has passed since I last reached out to you about the coronavirus crisis, talking about our...

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Tags: Service Management, Information Security, IT Service Management, Digitalization

Risk Management Made Easy »

The Path to ISO/IEC 27001

This is a story on how we at Efecte handle information security risks through a Risk Management Process built on top of the ...

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What a Difference A Week Makes - How Efecte works with Quality and Innovation sprints to create better products and processes »

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The HR of Tomorrow: Revolutionizing Customer Service and Building Great Places to Work »

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3 Key Differences Between Kanban and Scrum Boards and Why They Matter »

Virtual boards that allow teams to be agile and use Kanban or Scrum methodologies are all the rage. I would venture that everyone has used one of these...

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Which Agile Methodology is Right for Me and My Team? Kanban vs. Scrum »

If you think that you, your department, organization, or project is ready to adopt agile, you might be wondering which methodology is right for me. When...

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