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Rate your Data Maturity for AI & 5 Tips for Improvement »

It seems like every company is rushing to add an AI-powered chatbot, agent assistant, or forecasting/ prediction tool. But are you ready to take the steps...

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Building a Five-star Digital Customer Experience - Make It Your Superpower »

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Efecte: The European ITSM partner of your choice »

Tags: Service Management, IT Service Management, AI, ITSM

Get your ITSM ready for AI in 5 steps »

AI is an exciting topic within IT Service Management (ITSM). It has the potential to unlock new efficiencies, services, and capabilities in any...

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Best Practices for your ITSM implementation »

During my years as an ITSM professional, I have often witnessed that companies tend to believe that in an ITSM project the most difficult task is to...

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Employee experience to match what people need – every day? »

Niina Hovi, VP Culture & HR at Efecte, looks at the evolution of the human resources function and how it can deliver greater value.

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Building Tomorrow’s Customer Experience - Day 2 of Digitalize and Automate »

As we wrap up the second day of Efecte’s virtual event ‘Digitalize and Automate’, it’s time to once again take stock of what we’ve learnt. Today was...

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Tags: Events, IT Service Management, Digitalization, Automate, ITSM

The European Innovation Challenge - Day 1 of Digitalize and Automate »

The first day of Efecte’s virtual event ‘Digitalize and Automate’ has just come to a close, and what a day it has been! More than 1000 people from 20+...

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Digitalize and Automate - the countdown has started »

What a year it has been...

What a year 2020 has been so far! I am sure none of us was expecting the curveball that was thrown at us. While it has been a...

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