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Building a Five-star Digital Customer Experience - Make It Your Superpower »

Tags: Customers, Customer experience, HR Management, Digitalization

Employee experience to match what people need – every day? »

Niina Hovi, VP Culture & HR at Efecte, looks at the evolution of the human resources function and how it can deliver greater value.

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Tags: Events, Customer experience, IT Service Management, Digitalization, Automate, ITSM

Building Tomorrow’s Customer Experience - Day 2 of Digitalize and Automate »

As we wrap up the second day of Efecte’s virtual event ‘Digitalize and Automate’, it’s time to once again take stock of what we’ve learnt. Today was...

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Tags: Service Desk, Customer experience, IT Service Management, Customer Service, Digitalization

ITSM KPIs – Measure More Than Performance »

When considering ITSM KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), organizations typically consider two types of metrics, technical-based and experience-based....

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Topias Marttila as Efecte CTO: “DevOps drives customer success” »

The hands-on software development leader of 15 years, Topias Marttila, was recently appointed Efecte’s Chief Technology Officer, member of the leadership...

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Building a better UI with chat »

The idea of implementing a chat feature to improve users experience (UX) is pretty self-explanatory. Giving users a quick and easy way to communicate with...

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Tags: Self-service, Customer experience, IT Service Management

To search or not to search? »

Efecte self-service portal users now have the power of choice.

Have you ever taken the time to think about how you find the items or information you are...

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Tags: Enterprise Service Management, Customer experience, HR Management, IT Service Management, Customer Service, Chat

Is your service experience better than shopping on Xmas eve? »

25% of people rather go shopping on Christmas eve than calling your support line, according to a salesforce customer service survey. That’s one out of...

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The technology business is a people business »

In the spirit of the International Customer Service Week, we asked two of our colleagues how customer service plays a role in their everyday work.

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