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What is Agile in IT and How to Get into the Right Mindset? »

What is agile? Why is everyone talking about it, and how can my team be more agile?The concept of agile development and its associated benefits are...

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Tags: Enterprise Service Management, Service Management, Service Desk, IT Service Management, Digitalization, Agile

The Service Desk Becomes Agile. What About Other Teams? »

Agile in ITSM: The Current State

Talking to IT leaders routinely, I see a strong demand for Kanban boards to orchestrate the service desk. The ITIL 4...

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Tags: ITIL4, IT Service Management, Digitalization, Agile

What is agile ITSM all about? »

We’ve seen the buzz word of the decade "agile" combined with a lot of words until now. Today, we're discussing "Agile ITSM". So, what the heck is or can...

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3 steps towards tomorrow's agile HR Service Management »

Does your organization manage HR tasks by email and phone? Do you serve your staff at office hours instead of when they really need help? And most...

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