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Tags: Service Management, IT Service Management, Digitalization, crisis management

Drowning in emails? Move your service business to the cloud in just ten days »

Many organizations are currently facing an unprecedented amount of contact requests from their customers and remote-working employees. The situation with...

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Tags: Service Management, IT Service Management, Digitalization

What is XaaS – IT Lingo Only or Something Disrupting Your Industry? »

If you are a consumer of media of any form, megatrends like Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Everything as a Service or XaaS are close to impossible to...

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Manage Any Service? German Enterprise Service Market uncovered »

Efecte was recently involved in a German study about Enterprise Service Management (ESM). This study investigates how companies from the DACH-region, i.e. 

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Tags: AI, Customer Service

Customer service on steroids – or just augmented with AI? »

During recent weeks, I have had the pleasure of hearing numerous visionary thinkers talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it's going to do...

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Tags: Enterprise Service Management, Customer experience, IT Service Management

Business Executive: How about speaking IT, for a change? »

Nowadays it’s trendy to talk about how IT departments need to come closer to business, talk in business language and grow their business know-how....

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Tags: Service Management, Customer experience

Serving your non-nerdy customers with nerdy-looking tools? »

“Every company will be a software company and every department is becoming an IT department.”

These are statements heard from a multitude of leading...

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Raising codeless girls »

I have a seven-year-old daughter. Like most seven-year-olds, she's missing both her upper front teeth, which makes her smile quite adorable just now....

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