Webinar: Agile Service Management with SAFe 5.0

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Webinar: Agile Service Management with SAFe 5.0 - Theory and Practice


The recently published ITIL 4 best practice is focused on making IT organizations more agile. SAFe 5.0, as THE standard for scaling agile methodologies across the enterprise, is just around the corner. How can organizations benefit from implementing these new frameworks? In this webinar from KPMG and Efecte, you will get an up-to-date view on applying SAFe and Agile Service Management in theory and practice.

Sami Tervola from KPMG Finland gives an overview of SAFe and in particular what’s new in SAFe 5.0. It will explain the basics of Agile Release Trains, Program Increments, and Kanban. Peter Scheider from Efecte Plc  also demonstrates how Essential SAFe can be managed in a Service Management Tool like the Efecte platform.

During this webinar, you will learn how SAFe Product Owners and SAFe Agile Teams can collaborate efficiently on dedicated Kanban boards for subtasks, stories, product roadmaps, and program increments.



Sami Tervola, KPMG Finland Agility Lead, KPMG Finland

Sami is a SAFe Lead Trainer, Agility Lead, and IT Advisory Project Manager for KPMG, where he serves as the lead trainer for KPMG’s SAFe certification courses in Europe. In addition to courses and workshops, he also coaches and conducts SAFe inspections and implementations for companies. Sami has over 6 years’ experience working with clients from the banking, insurance, IT, and public sectors surrounding SAFe and other Agile frameworks and has been working for over 15 years with IT projects, services, testing, and mobilization, primarily dealing with delivery leadership.

Peter Schneider, CPO, Efecte Plc

Peter has been leading the Products Unit of Efecte since June 2014 and is responsible for product management, product marketing and product strategy. Earlier in his career, he has been holding various product management roles for enterprise and communication service provider solutions in Nokia and Siemens. Peter has written various expert articles on ITIL 4, IT and Enterprise Service Management in publications such as Computerwoche and the itsmf magazine in Germany.

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