We are proud to announce our 2019.3 release for the Efecte Platform is now available. With this release, we have implemented various features meant to improve user's and administrator's experience and efficiency. We have also included developments and improvements aimed at increasing performance and remedying known bugs.

Key Features from 2019.3

Service Management Tool

Improvement: Support of Reserve Button Even if in Multiple Support Groups

  • Service management tool users who are a part of multiple support groups can now use the "reserve" button.
    • When a user is a member of multiple groups they will be able to select which support group should be used from a drop-down
    • Users can set a "default" support group to be used with the "reserve" button.

This was the first user feature selected from the Efecte Community by your votes. Be sure to go and vote on the features you want to be developed.

New: Conditional Attributes

  • Fields within a template can be set to only be visible to users when a selected attribute has the correctly defined value.

Improvement: Creating Configuration Release Notes from Configuration Log

  • Administrators can create configuration release notes to have a change log that helps them transfer changes from a test to a production system.

Efecte Provisioning Engine

New: Orchestration Node for Verification

  • The orchestration node within our visual workflow automation tool can now validate a new user request from the Active Directory before provisioning the new user with EPE.

New: Orchestration Node for Creating a New User

  • The Efecte Provisioning Engine can now create a new user within the Active Directory using the orchestration node within our visual workflow engine, simplifying event-based provisioning.

Efecte Identity Management

Improvement: Support for SHA2 for SAML2

  • SAML2 based authentication now supports SHA2 in digitally signed messages.

To read about all of the features, improvements and bug fixes included within this release, please see the complete release notes from the Efecte Community. If you are unable to access the community or have questions about upgrading please contact our service desk.

P.S. We are running customer pilot testing for our new Kanban board view during Q3. If you are interested in participating as a pilot tester you can find out how to sign up from the Efecte Community.


Written by Efecte