2019.2 Release

We are proud to announce our upcoming release for the Efecte Platform. With this release, we have implemented various features meant to improve user's and administrator's experience and efficiency. We have also included developments and improvements aimed at increasing performance and remedying known bugs.

Some of the new features and improvements included within this release are:

Self-Service Portal

New: Custom icons for the homepage

  • Administrators are now able to upload custom icons to offerings presented on the home screen of the self-service portal.

Improvement: Renaming of “Report IT Problem” to “Report IT Issue”

  • We have made this change to align our solution with modern ITIL 4 terminology.

Service Management Tool

Improvement: Email search can be limited to emails and names

  • The “search for recipients” feature can now be limited to show only a person’s name and email addresses.

Improvement: Embed images within the email body

  • Users are now able to copy and paste images from the clipboard of the workstation into the body of emails.

Multi-Room Chat

Improvement: Updating chat log data

  • Chat conversation will be updated when the user clicks the “Create Issue” link within the Giosg Operator Console.

To read about all of the features, improvements and bug fixes included within this release, please see the complete release notes from the Efecte Community.

If you are unable to access the community, please contact our service desk.


Written by Efecte