Webinar: Identity and Access Management (IAM) - How to get started?

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IAM Cropped

Webinar: June 17th @11-12:30pm

Identity and Access Management can feel like an overwhelming journey - it does not need to be, once the resources and needs of the organization are taken into consideration.

During this webinar, we will go through the pillars of a successful IAM journey: why it is crucial to set realistic goals, recognize the current situation of your organization and resources. Successful and effective IAM solution enables a safe and holistic in-take in managing identities.

Solutions can be integrated piece by piece, and in different stages, this will make the journey cost- and time-effective. We will go through a few customer cases by focusing on what details should be considered when enabling an effective IAM solution.

To help make the processes of identifying and evaluating your IAM requirements a little easier and more cost-effective, we have developed an IAM POC that will we will go through during this webinar.

During this 1 hour and a half, you are encouraged to ask us questions, but we would also appreciate it if you would like to send us some prior to the webinar. This will enable us to include the raised topics beforehand. You can send all questions and comments to anna.eghaghara@efecte.com 

A webinar link will be sent to all registrants, and a on-demand recording will be available later.

Also, check out our IAM website to gain a fuller understanding of the possibilities of Identity and Access Management. 

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Written by Efecte