Efecte Solutions Receive an Update for 2019.2


Efecte offers several pre-configured, out-of-the-box solutions. With our 2019.2 Efecte Platform release we have decided to update these solutions to better meet changes in the industry. We have implemented many of the changes suggested in ITIL 4 to our IT Service Management (ITSM) baseline. Our HR Service Management (HRSM) baseline has received improvements to the pre-configured offerings to improve the design and simplify adoption. Our biggest announcement for this quarter is the launch of our newest solution, Identity Governance and Administration. You can read about these updates and developments below. To read about the 2019.2 Efecte Platform release please click here.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

New: CMDB Templates for SaaS Components and Cloud Infrastructure

  • ITIL 4 suggests that ITSM providers include two new templates to provide customers with the needed infrastructure management capabilities to meet their modern systems.

New: "Query" Added as an Incident Type

  • Service management tool users can now classify an incident as a "query" or question. This new incident type allows questions to the service desk to be marked and distinguished from the previous two options, incidents and requests.

Improvement: Updates to the service template

  • We have updated the service template with new attribute fields including RTO, RPO, Related SaaS components and more. The previous class "Running Cost" has now been renamed to "Value". These changes have been made in line with the latest ITIL 4 recommendations and are mean to help customers get the most out of their systems.

Improvement: Increased Compliance

  • ITIL 4 now includes recommendations surrounding the storing and management of personal data relating to the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have included fields for the easy management and reporting of this information.

To read more about these developments please see the article written by our Chief Product Officer, Peter Schneider.

HR Service Management (HRSM)

Improvement: Updated Pre-Configured Services

  • We have added new images to the pre-configured services helping simplify user's experience. We have further extended the lower level options included within some offerings.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

New: Our Newest Solution

  • Efecte’s IGA solution is the perfect tool for automated and compliant Identity Governance and Administration in the agile enterprise. Efecte IGA provides mid-sized organizations ITIL 4 -ready workflow automation, real-time governance capabilities and user self-service for identity and access requests, dramatically increasing the speed of IAM administration processes.

You can read more about this solution and download the factsheet and solution description from its dedicated website page.

To learn more about these changes and updates please visit the Efecte Community. From the community, you can find a wide variety of information surrounding Efecte, ask questions, make suggestions for improvements and vote on new features. You can download the new ITIL 4 templates from the Efecte Community here.


Written by Efecte