Efecte Introduces the Kanban Board that Knows How Your Business is Run

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Espoo, 18. November 2019 - Efecte is the first provider to extend its service management solution with a graphical Kanban board that has workflow automation built-in. The solution allows more efficient handling of processes, greater operational transparency for managers, and faster adaptation to changing customer requirements. As the new tool is fully integrated into the Efecte platform, users can trigger automated workflows simply by moving a task card on the Kanban board. With Efecte’s solution, organizations can structure all their service processes according to the proven Kanban principle. The tool applies to all IT processes, including incident, release and project management. On top of that and unlike other Kanban boards, this board is also applicable to processes outside IT – from human resources department to financial services and from facility management to access rights. Service managers across the organization can now use a common tool that makes the handling of service processes in everyday operations much simpler and more transparent. The Kanban board is now available, and all Efecte customers can use it without additional cost.

"We at Efecte believe that digitalization needs to go across all enterprise services. That is why we built the Kanban Board to work for any team, any process, and any workflow”, says Peter Schneider, Chief Product Officer at Efecte.

The Efecte Kanban Board

Efecte’s Kanban board works like any typical Kanban tool: A task moves in the form of a card from left (To Do) to the right (Done) and passes through different process stations. The responsible employee completes the required information and drags-and-drops the card to the next position. Based on their role within the organization, users can join existing boards or create and share their own. Thanks to the deep integration into the Efecte platform, pre-defined workflows can be used, and the senders of a request, for example, can receive automated notifications via a predefined communication channel.  Also, actions such as internal checks or approvals can be executed automatically in the background.  Such automation leads to significantly faster processing of incidents and service requests. At the same time, managers gain a better overview of their operation, service levels, and teams’ workloads.  Efecte’s Kanban Board helps organizations to continuously improve existing service processes and more flexibly adapt to the changing requirements of their service customers.

Efecte’s Service Management Platform

With the Efecte Platform, organizations can manage and automate any service in the company. These include classic IT service workflows, but also processes for human resources (HR), facility management, contract management, and many more. Customers can flexibly adapt the software to individual needs without programming knowledge. They can also decide for themselves whether to operate the solution in the Efecte cloud or their own private cloud. In this way, Efecte ensures that all customers benefit from the strict European data protection standards and can comply with compliance guidelines. Efecte supports the latest ITIL 4 guidelines, giving it industry-recognized best practices.

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Chief Product Officer
Efecte Plc
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About Efecte

Efecte is a Finnish software company offering cloud-based Service Management solutions and related supportive professional services. With Efecte’s software, organizations can flexibly manage all internal and external services, for example, an IT, HR or finance department’s services, customer service, and access rights. Efecte is one of the leading software vendors in its field for medium-sized and public organizations in Finland and the Nordic countries. The company was established in 1998 and is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace. Efecte operates in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. www.efecte.com


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