UI Personalisation for Identity and Access Management

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Efecte announces the general availability of the Efecte Identity Management 2018.1 release. This release introduces the ability for users to save personalized views in the user interface. Starting with the Organization and Service Agreements views, the users of EIM will be able to tailor their User Interface for their own needs. Users are now able to configure the view and save it with “Save view” -button in the Responsive UI Design.


This release includes also several improvements for the unique consent management feature, which is required for the General Data Protection regulation in 2018. EIM allows now external system to access the consent management data over a modern REST API making EIM the perfect tool for Single Sign-On in the European enterprise.

The new software also includes several bug fixes and minor UI adjustments in line with the renewal of user interface. The new release has been built during the end of the year 2017 and is now available after the Q&A period to all customers.

Efecte Edge Hydrogen release upgrade contain this new Efecte Identity Management version 2018.1.

Efecte Edge Hydrogen upgrade is scheduled in all TEST Cloud environments on Wednesday 31 th of January 2018 between 16:00 EET and 21:00 EET (EET/Finnish time). Upgrades continue in February of production cloud environments according to the informed schedule.

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Jukka Papinaho

Senior Product Manager

Jukka Papinaho

Written by Jukka Papinaho

I am senior product manager @Efecte responsible of Efecte Identity Management.