The 2021.1 release of Efecte is now available for all customers. This release's new functionalities aim to help customers improve their service management through AI, multi-language support, and IAM improvements. Included in addition to the listed features are further developments aimed at increasing performance and quality.

Key Features from Efecte 2021.1

Service Management Capabilities

AI-Powered Category Suggestions: The Efecte Virtual Coach is an Artificial Intelligence solution enabling support agents to provide help faster to customers. With this update, the Virtual Coach can now provide category suggestions to support agents along with similar issues. The category suggestions will include a confidence rating, and agents can instantly assign the category by selecting the correct suggestion. The Virtual Coach can be configured to use up to 3 attributes (i.e., subject, description, related assets) to provide suggestions.

Multi-language Support - Searching Static Values: Users will now be able to search static values using any language included within their Service Management Tool. This development will simplify searching by allowing system administrators and users to find relevant information using their preferred or local language. Bookmarks, search templates, and public views will be shown in the end-users' selected language.

Identity and Access Management Capabilities

Group Provisioning Activities: The orchestration activity now allows for group verification and adding or removing users to or from a group. This enhancement and development will allow admins to identify if an activity fails, greatly improving visibility and audibility.

Please note that these improvements are with the Efecte Provisioning Engine (EPE) component.

REST API Improvements: Efecte Identity Management Rest API now supports the following features:

  • Changing passwords
  • User connection handling
  • Custom attributes (searching based on customer attributes is not supported)
  • Custom event triggering

Please note that these improvements are with the Efecte Identity Management (EIM) component.

Get the Complete Release Notes

To read about all of the features, improvements, and bug fixes included within this release, please see the complete release notes from the Efecte Community. If you cannot access the community or have questions about upgrading, please contact our service desk.


Written by Efecte