We are excited to start the year off right with our Efecte 2019.1 release which includes a number of key features helping organizations to visualize their service better. The new capabilities - to help improve any service management - includes the Our Requests feature, a calendar enhancement of daily and weekly views, and multiple template search feature. The new features included within this release are:

Self-Service Portal

New: Our Requests view

  • The feature in the self-service portal allows all users to see all open requests and/or requests made from users in the same organization.

Improvement: Forwarding approvals

  • Managers now have the possibility to forwarding approvals to a separate person or department if the request should be handled by a different person or department
    • The request will include a record of the transfer being made to improve reporting.

Service Management Tool

New: Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Improves user accessibility and efficiency
    • Increased ability to better meet accessibility requirements
    • Allows power users to be more efficient

Improvement: Multi-template search functionalities and templates

  • Search multiple templates at once
    • Allows data to be searched from two or more templates at once
  • Create search templates to reduce repetitive tasks

Improvement: Weekly and daily calendar views

  • Users are now able to view events in a weekly or daily view allowing them to easily review the exact task and time.

Improvement: Navigate away notifications

  • Users can now receive a notification when they are moving away from an data card with edits which have not yet been saved.

Development: Rich text editor

  • Rich text editor has been expanded to include knowledge base and other content fields
    • Simplifying the viewing and editing of information
    • Easier formatting of knowledge base articles and service announcements

The Efecte 2019.1 release includes over 30 Change Proposals made by customers and over 40 bug fixes in the components of the Efecte platform (Identity Management, Service Management, Self-Service Portal).

You can see a full list of improvements, features and fixes from the release notes which are available at our new Efecte Community. If you are unable to access the community, please contact our service desk.


Written by Efecte