We would like to announce our upcoming release of Efecte Edge 2018.4 in the coming weeks. This release includes new features and improvements for our self-service, service management and identity and access management solutions. These features and improvements have been created to improve usability, increase transparency and create a better user experience. You can see a some of the key developments below:


New: “My Things” View

  • Allows users to see their personal and device information
    • Helps to reduce service desk queries and better meet GDPR regulations

Improvement: List view configurability

  • Allows service managers to customize the number of items, domains or categories before stacking
    • Easily display a large number of options to users
    • Increase user interface consistency

Development: Greater number of supported languages

  • Danish, English (GB & US), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Latvian, Spanish and Italian

Service Management

New: Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Improves user accessibility and efficiency
    • Increased ability to better meet accessibility requirements
    • Allows power users to be more efficient

Improvement: Multi-template search functionalities and templates

  • Search multiple templates at once
    • Allows data to be searched from two templates at once (eg. workstations and servers)
  • Create search templates to reduce repetitive tasks

Development: Rich text editor

  • Rich text editor has been expanded to include knowledge base and other content fields
    • Simplifying the viewing and editing of information
    • Easier formatting of knowledge base articles and service announcements

Identity and Access Management

New: Automatically update ADFS certificates

  • Improves operational efficiency and decreases the amount of manual work done by administrators

Improvements: Provisioning and UI Adjustments

  • Further developing and building on the UI improvements of the 2018.3 release


To see a full list of improvements, features and fixes please see the complete release notes from the Resource Center. If you have not yet received the password to access this page, please contact our service desk.


Written by Efecte