Efecte adds calendar visualization

Tags: Enterprise Service Management, Product news, IT Service Management

During this week, Efecte makes a new release of Efecte available to all cloud customers. The 2017.4 release introduces an all-new visualization of issues in a calendar view. The new capability allows customers to visualize, analyse and schedule events for processes such as project, release, portfolio, or change management. Calendar views embedded in Efecte remove the need to invest in separate tools for scheduling and enable the implementation of new digital services. Calendar views are an addition to the rich visualization capabilities of Efecte. Efecte is providing a video demonstrating the new calendar functionality as part of the overall user experience on Efecte’s YouTube channel.

Efecte Edge 2017.4 comes also with a wealth of other significant enhancements which have been requested by Efecte’s customers including:

  • Rollback functionality for Visual Workflow Automation allowing automation of reoccurring events or periodic review cycles
  • Embedded employee satisfaction surveys for collecting signals on whether users were happy or not with the delivered services
  • Multi-factor authentication of identities utilising artificial intelligence to protect all enterprise data better from cyber attacks
  • Logging of who has been reading what data at what time to provide big data for forensic analysis on the usage of sensitive enterprise information such as security incidents or confidential contracts


Efecte Edge 2017.4 includes the latest versions of following components: Efecte Service Management, Efecte Self-Service and Efecte Identity Management. The release will be available for testing to cloud customers across Europe this week and is scheduled to be available for production systems later in November 2017.


Written by Efecte