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Saving time and money: Valmet Automotive efficiently manages annual influx of 1,000 new employees

Valmet Automotive is a leading Finnish automotive service provider with a history dating back to 1968. It has operations in Finland, Germany, Poland and Spain. The company has a car manufacturing plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland, which manufactured a record-breaking 90,000 vehicles in 2017. The booming business has led to large-scale recruitment processes that have bolstered the corporation’s staff up to 6,000 members.

Controlling the influx of new employees is a must. Efecte helps Valmet Automotive process requests quickly and transparently. 

Solution: Efecte for Access Management

Customer benefits

| Transparency of information

| Control and security

| Automated workflows 

Download a case report to read more about Valmet Automotive's collaboration with Efecte. 


See a presentation in Finnish by Petri Nieminen on how Valmet Automotive benefits from Efecte's Self-service portal.  


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