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Trimble Solutions Oy  uses Efecte Service Management

Effortless process flows across time zones: Subsidiary of an American Corporation attains single source of truth

Trimble Solutions Oy specializes in designing software and information systems. It has been part of the international software company Trimble since 2011. Based in Finland, Trimble Solutions has customers in more than 100 countries and operations in 23 countries.

Trimble’s cooperation with Efecte started in 2011, when Michael Wiklund, IT Manager at Trimble Solutions (formerly Tekla), had grown frustrated by the scattering of information. The previous system only allowed for separate tickets and no reporting features or connectivity with other IT information.

“We looked for a platform that would allow us to easily create and deliver smart reports. Efecte is practically a reporting system with a help desk built on top of it, which made it perfect for our needs”, Wiklund says.

In addition to Efecte’s ticketing system, within the service management tool Trimble Solutions implemented the self- service portal. “It has provided us with many benefits that we were not even aware of when we made the decision”, Wiklund adds.

Information in one place

Trimble Solutions uses Efecte primarily for IT. The system contains centralized information regarding e.g. workstations, software, phones and more. Access rights, requests and approval chains which were previously handled separately via email, now flow seamlessly through the self-service portal.

Efecte has also been extended to support Trimble’s HR processes. It is being used to deliver information to HR and IT management regarding personnel changes, salaries, parental leaves and other long absences.

“Efecte’s self-service portal has saved us the equivalent data transfer work of one employee.”

“Using Efecte has standardized our operations now that all information is in one place and processes flow smoothly. Efecte’s self-service portal significantly reduces manual work. It has saved us the equivalent data transfer work of one employee”, Wiklund says.

Simplicity as a Service, from the cloud

Trimble Solutions has been active in customizing the self-service portal to meet its exact needs. Wiklund says that the system has served their requirements well.

“We have customized the layout and device requests to categories which allow users to order a new device easily with one click. The amount of errors has been reduced significantly now that anyone can, for example, use the service to select and order a new laptop.”

Trimble Solutions is part of an American organization which can sometimes be dubious regarding users’ access rights. Efecte simplifies this by allowing all processes, information and approvers to be easily visible within the system, eliminating the need for separate reporting. Local and global users at Trimble highly value this feature, as it allows for an audit trail to be easily seen.

Efecte’s self-service portal is an entirely cloud-based service, meaning users can order devices and services regardless of time and location. The platform has been praised by Trimble Solutions’ customers for being easy to use and allowing log-ins with Google accounts.

Service across time zones  

Efecte’s flexible service makes practical work easier in an internationally operating company like Trimble.

“Using Efecte has helped to standardize our operations now that all the information is in one place and processes flow smoothly.”

“We are based in Espoo, Finland, but operate globally, and can’t offer 24-hour service to our subsidiaries in 22 countries. The self-service portal is like a tube that doesn’t let any information leak into the wrong place. By using it, our customers can take care of non-urgent requests whenever it works best for them”, Wiklund says.

Customer benefits

| Transparency of information

| Control and security

| Automated workflows


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