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Improving internal customer service: A retail chain introduces advanced ticketing

Suur-Seudun Osuuskauppa (SSO), a regional retail chain in Finland, streamlined its service management with a solution that handles service requests both in IT and marketing. Security and real estate services are to follow.

SSO, Suur-seutu Cooperative Society, is one of 20 regional retail and service chains in the S Group, the retail market leader in Finland. In 2018, SSO employed 1 200 people in the southern part of Finland and its turnover amounted to 453M €.

As a group member, SSO makes use of ICT systems it has acquired and developed jointly with other cooperatives. There are specific systems for financial and HR administration, as well as for supermarket trade, fuel sales and hotels. However, some of SSO’s regional specialties, such as automotive and agricultural outlets, run on local systems.

No wonder, it was not always clear who to get in touch with when having IT issues.

“Usually people called someone they knew or sent an email not knowing when it will be read. And when a problem had been solved, it was not necessarily reported anywhere. We wanted to change that. We wanted a clear path for each service request,” says Jarno Putta, Head of IT and Digitalization at SSO.

Putta got in touch with Efecte in the spring 2018, and by the fall, Efecte service management system was up and running.


Clear service tickets delight customers and IT staff alike

The Efecte portal is now available for all SSO employees.

“You just pick your topic and send your service request in. The ticket is made, and updates will be sent automatically.”

Putta says that people have been delighted and given exclusively positive feedback. One of the happy users is Putta himself. He gets reports on the number and type of service tickets and the service level on the whole.

“Efecte helps us monitor our performance and improve our service.”

Putta points out that the number of tickets has increased in the past months, as people have learned not to reach out to the equipment provider or the specialist they happen to know. On the other hand, the work at the IT support desk has become clearer. Besides managing tickets, Efecte helps IT specialists with individual tasks. Efecte will, for example, ensure that a request for a new laptop is approved by the boss already before it reaches the support desk.

“Thanks to the integration with the leasing company’s system, also user-specific equipment information is readily available.”


Same system for marketing and real estate services

While Putta and his colleagues were laying the basis for the project with Efecte specialists, communications and marketing people at SSO got interested. They received requests for advertising from a wide field of stores, hotels and other points of sale, and information would typically flow between two individuals and not necessarily collect anywhere.

“Efecte tailored and configured the system to suit the needs of IT and marketing alike,” Putta says. Now details on orders and published ads are found in Efecte. Eventually security and real estate services will join Efecte as well.

“SSO owns almost all of the buildings it uses, so there is a fair amount of service needed. As in IT and marketing, it is important to handle service requests effectively and not to rely on personal contacts only.”

New services with new role-based workflows can be added to Efecte with just a few days of work, and sharing a system will benefit each service even later on. Besides reducing life-cycle costs, a shared system will reduce overlapping work and errors, as it stores all basic information on contacts, buildings and such. It is also easy to forward a ticket when a real estate issue turns out to be an IT issue after all.

Customer benefits: 

| Improving service quality

| Facilitating follow up

| Increasing overall efficiency


Download the case as a pdf. 

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