Efecte solution in use: IT Service Management

Efecte supports Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

From Paperwork to Digitalization - Efecte supports Senckenberg digitalize and automate its administrative and IT processes 

The Senckenberg Society for Natural Research conducts research on all aspects of biodiversity and operates seven research institutes and three natural history museums. The SGN was founded in 1817 and is today one of the most important research institutes for biodiversity with about 800 employees. With the Senckenberg museum Frankfurt, it operates one of the largest natural history museums in Europe. In accordance with its long tradition, it is the task of the society to carry out natural research and to make the results of the research accessible to the general public through publications, through teaching and through its museums.

SGN wants to gradually digitalize its paper-based administrative processes and hence increase their efficiency and user satisfaction. The company was therefore looking for a service management solution that would enable it to centrally manage and evaluate processes outside of its traditional core IT. Efecte convinced with its modular cloud approach, high flexibility as well as a coherent overall concept and was able to successfully prevail over its competitors.

Plan and account for business trips more effectively

The total of 800 employees have to travel a lot and settle the bookings on time. Today, this is done using forms that must be submitted on paper and approved individually. With Efecte, the associated process is digitized, accelerated and the processing of the forms is largely automated. This minimizes tiresome routine tasks for applicants, while HR employees gain more time and can concentrate better on their core tasks.

"Our researchers are often travelling all around the world, so we wanted to significantly simplify the administrative processes attached to that and make them more effective. At the same time, this project is the starting point for digitizing our entire administrative processes and advance the maturing process of our core IT," says Gerolf Plüch, IT manager at Senckenberg Gesellschaft. "We start using Efecte for planning, execution and accounting of business trips, and in the next step we are preparing a central incident management system for our museums".

Incident management for facility services and IT

The natural history museums of the Senckenberg Society attract many visitors every day - a well-functioning facility system and supporting IT systems are essential for smooth operation. To ensure that technical problems are resolved quickly, SGN prepares the museums for centralized incident management. After the implementation of Efecte, employees can either resolve any problems that arise themselves or forward them to the relevant departments, thus considerably speeding up the resolution process.

Customer benefits

|a central platform to manage, digitalize and automate IT and non IT processes

|automated and more efficient business travel system for more than 800 researchers

|centralized incident management for three museums in preparation

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