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Close contact and constant development:  Samlink improved internal and external services

Samlink is a Finnish service provider offering IT solutions to the financial industry. Its products include transaction services, expert services and financial management services. Samlink’s net sales surpassed 103 million euro in 2018 and the company employs more than 450 professionals.

In the spring of 2015 Samlink implemented Efecte IT Service Management with the aim of providing better service to its customers. Samlink was previously using another solution but felt that it wasn’t tailored enough to suit their requirements. “The solution we were using was too stiff. We had to spend time thinking what the solution allowed us to do, instead of being able to develop it to suit us better. This was a wrong approach,” says Tiia Pirttiniemi, Head of Department at Samlink.

Tiia Pirttiniemi SamlinkThe implementation of Efecte changed things for the better. “At first we wanted to implement change management, incident management and service request functions but since then we have great progress in developing the solution further.”

Samlink has approximately 100-150 daily Efecte users and 3000 customers with access to Efecte self-service portal, and the system is used to handle approximately 10 000 tickets each month. Typical tickets are customer support and troubleshooting.

With Efecte, Samlink has been able to develop its internal processes and increase efficiency in handling tickets. “Transparency is very important. We are now more informed about what is happening and what is the status of each ticket.
Also, customers can track their own requests. Processing times have been reduced significantly and we are able to measure customer satisfaction better,” Pirttiniemi says.

“We can message anyone at Efecte at any time and always get good support.”

Samlink has enjoyed close collaboration with a nominated contact person from Efecte. With regular meetings and active
communication, they can constantly finetune the platform together based on any needs that may arise. Pirttiniemi adds that communication with Efecte in general has been a pleasant experience. “The service desk and support work very well. We can message anyone at Efecte at any time and always get good support. They are very easy to work with, which we appreciate a lot,” she says. “What I also like is that any time we have a new idea that might not be available yet, Efecte takes these ideas into consideration and occasionally includes them in later versions of the solution.”

Samlink is currently working on configuration management database (CMDB) features to keep improving their tracking  options. Chat service is now on the pilot phase, and the company would also like to develop their service portal further. In the future, other systems will also be integrated into Efecte. So far, they been able to reduce manual work by integrating robotics into service management through Efecte’s Visual Workflow Automation feature. “The workflow has enabled us to do entirely new things,” Pirttiniemi adds.

As a company that values innovation, Samlink has found Efecte to be the perfect partner. “Everything is so easy with cloud-based services. Sometimes we make small adjustments, sometimes bigger changes, but we can develop everything easily with our contact person at Efecte. We have been able to make constant improvements to things like usability, but also bigger changes, such as implementing a major Change Management module, which included training over 100 Samlink employees in 19 training sessions,” says Pirttiniemi.

“In short, the solution has allowed us to improve several key areas of our internal and external services: our customer oriented approach, transparency, and efficiency,” Pirttiniemi summarizes.

Client benefits: 

| Transparency both internally and externally with customers

Fewer mistakes through process optimization

| Support and development work in cooperation with Efecte

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