Efecte solution in use: IT Service Management

2M-IT is Efecte customer

Better customer service and transparency for 2M-IT

2M-IT engages in the centralized production of ICT services for health care and social services organizations in the hospital districts of Satakunta, Vaasa and Southwest Finland.

Solution: Efecte ITSM

2M-IT makes use of the Efecte ITSM. The configuration management database, CMDB, is its key element. Deployment of the solution began with service request and feedback management and has been extended to the use of several other ITIL processes adopted within the organization, such as incident management, change management, event management and configuration management.

IT Service Management solution as a whole improves 2M-IT’s customer service, making it more fluent. When a customer contacts 2M-IT, the service desk uses the CMDB to see, which application the customer’s issue concerns, which server it is located on and all the relationships it has. When information and processes are transparent, operations can run smoothly.

Client benefits

  • Detailed information on IT infrastructure
  • Makes solving IT problems faster
  • Automates control of license and IT-related supplier agreements
  • Adapts to changing needs e.g. making drafting personal reports easier
  • Saves IT staff working time and the municipality’s funds

“We are highly satisfied with the current licensing model, which covers the entire range of process applications of the Efecte Service Management product. This enables development without additional investments.”

Tarja Rasi, Customer Service Manager, 2M-IT

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