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Manage Any Service or Not? German Enterprise Service Market uncovered »

Efecte was recently involved in a German study about Enterprise Service Management (ESM). This study investigates how companies from the DACH-region, i.e. 

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Building our own future - Being a Great Place to Work »

I was having coffee and scrolling through a magazine that listed the 2019 workplace trends. It hit me again how lucky we at Efecte are. To be able to work...

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What is agile ITSM all about? »

We’ve seen the buzz word of the decade "agile" combined with a lot of words until now. Today, we're discussing "Agile ITSM". So, what the heck is or can...

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AI-powered service desks - redefining the role of the agent »

Artificial intelligence is often described as a replacement for human interaction.

In the IT service management environment it is making service desk...

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Wrapping up 2018: Our most-read blog posts »

As we move full speed to 2019, let's take a quick look back on activities that took place over the course of last year. Our most-read blog posts are...

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Employee experience to match what people need – every day? »

Niina Hovi, VP Culture & HR at Efecte, looks at the evolution of the human resources function and how it can deliver greater value.

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Topias Marttila appointed CTO of Efecte: “DevOps drives customer success” »

The hands-on software development leader of 15 years, Topias Marttila, was recently appointed Efecte’s Chief Technology Officer, member of the leadership...

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An Efecte Christmas tale: How Efecte's elves helped Santa to save Christmas »

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Efecte: your partner for digital transformations »

Implementing a digital transformation or digitalizing your services can prove more difficult than it might seem. There is an ever-growing number of tools,...

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