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At Efecte, female-power in technology is something that we live and value every day. In all our teams, from sales to marketing and from HR to finance, consulting and product development, we have talented and strong women who shape our product, company and culture.

To acknowledge the international women’s day, some of our colleagues shared their background, what drives them, and how they manage the balance between motivating work and enough free time. We’re happy to introduce Foteini, Päivi, Elena and Ursula.

What do you do at Efecte? 

Foteini: I’m a Software Engineer in the Efecte product development team that works on our service management tool for Enterprise Service Management. I have been working here for 15 months and I am based in Finland.

Päivi: I work as a consultant in Efecte’s identity management technology. I’ve been with the company for 1,5 years and live in Finland. My work consists of defining Identity and Access Management processes and use cases for customers. In delivery projects, I make sure that we deliver the system that has been previously defined with the customers. I also take part in internal development projects of our Identity Management solutions.

Elena: I have joined Efecte in December 2011 as a Test Engineer for Efecte’s self-service portal team. Recently, I switched to the position of Engineer in Cloud Operations. I maintain our cloud machines, run upgrades and assist in new installations or help other team members. Besides doing tasks related to running the Efecte cloud environment, I am also getting back to Quality Assurance. As part of that, we implement automated integration tests and work on measures to improve the overall quality of our product.

Ursula: I’m a Sales Manager for Efecte’s German team. I have been with the company for 1,5 years. Taking responsibility for sales also means having responsibility for my team and the company. My personal success is directly related to the success of the company.

How long have you been working in the IT field?

Foteini: My first job in software development was a trainee position for front-end development in 2013, so I have been in product development over five years. 

Päivi: I’ve been working with Identity and Access Management systems over 10 years.

Elena: I have been in IT since 2007. My first job was doing customer support and writing scripts in a small company in my hometown. After my graduation, I participated in a testing school organized by a local company. This is how I found my path in IT.

Ursula: It feels like all my life…. I started in the IT industry about 30 years ago. The past 19 years I have been selling IT Service Management software. When I started in this field, we did not talk about Service Management, but rather about helpdesk and ticketing systems, and a little bit of knowledge management. Well, 19 years in ITSM is not the whole truth: I am mother of two teenage daughters. When they were born, I suspended some years and dedicated myself entirely to my family. Today, I am very thankful that I had this opportunity to take that time off, but I’m even more grateful that I managed to get fully back into my job and can look at a successful career today.

What drives you in your work?

Foteini: My main motivation is to stay creative and to never stop learning new things. This helps me get better every day. I also enjoy making other people’s everyday life easier by delivering new features to our solutions.

Päivi: That’s very simple: I feel passionate about my job 😊.

Elena: I feel extremely satisfied when I can solve issues that we face. It doesn’t matter if it is a customer-specific configuration that we need to implement, or a more complicated script that we manage to get working. I feel like there are people relying on us, and if I can help them by making their work easier or faster, I feel that there is a reason for what I do.

Ursula: I try to be a very perceptive listener. Whenever I hear that one of my clients is facing a challenge, I start to consider which solution I can offer them. I am pleased when I succeed in finding a solution that makes work easier for the employees and customers of a company. In my opinion, this is also the only sustainable strategy for building a good and long-term relationship with a customer. I am not interested in a seller-buyer relationship, instead I offer and look for a true partnership.

With a lot of drive for what you do, do you get overwhelmed by work and how does Efecte support balancing work and free time?

Foteini: It is often difficult to achieve the right balance between work, home and social life. This has, however, never been an issue at Efecte. We are offered the required flexibility to achieve maximum results in all the different aspects of life. 

Päivi: I can easily arrange my working hours and the days that I spend with customers. So, in the wintertime, if the sun is shining, I can go for a long walk with my dog and work in the evening. 

Elena: For me having flexible schedule is the greatest thing. I can work shorter days sometimes and finish other tasks later in the evening. This helps me spend enough time with my family and concentrate on work at the same time. The people are the coolest thing about Efecte. I was positively surprised how nice and friendly people are. Also, it is not only about spending time in the office, but also making friends and doing something together after work.

Ursula: These days, fortunately, I no longer have to be at home or pick up the children at a certain time. I enjoy this freedom very much. Nevertheless, my family is the most important thing in my life. Our team in Germany has a great team spirit and we have all been professional remote workers for many years. The freedom to decide whether to go to the office or work from home is very convenient for me personally.


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