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Tags: HR Management

Broadening the scope of human resources »

Niina Hovi, VP People & Culture at Efecte, considers the wider impact of HR service management across an organization.

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Chasing the perfect service experience »

Efecte helps European Service Providers boost their business, flexibly manage services, and delight their users. 

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Tags: ITIL4, IT Service Management

Hidden gem in ITIL 4? Incident and Request get a new friend »

In this blog post I write about the new Service Desk Practice comparing ITIL 3 and ITIL 4. 

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Tags: ITIL4, IT Service Management

ITIL 4 - Is there any value in saving money? »

ITIL 4 brings a lot of welcomed updates to the best practices of service management. Below, I will dig deeper in three concepts that have been added to...

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Female-power in tech at Efecte »

At Efecte, female-power in technology is something that we live and value every day. In all our teams, from sales to marketing and from HR to finance,...

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Tags: Service Provider

Service Management system as a source of business innovation »

Working with Efecte not only improves the user experience for employees and customers of our Service Provider partners - it also enables these players to...

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Analytics key to maximizing value of human capital »

People analytics play a vital role in positioning the Head of the Human Resource Department at the management top table alongside the CEO and CFO. Below...

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Manage Any Service? German Enterprise Service Market uncovered »

Efecte was recently involved in a German study about Enterprise Service Management (ESM). This study investigates how companies from the DACH-region, i.e. 

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Building our own future - Being a Great Place to Work »

I was having coffee and scrolling through a magazine that listed the 2019 workplace trends. It hit me again how lucky we at Efecte are. To be able to work...

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