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To search or not to search? »

Efecte self-service portal users now have the power of choice.

Have you ever taken the time to think about how you find the items or information you are...

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Is your support service experience better than going shopping on Xmas eve? »

25% of people rather go shopping on Christmas eve than calling your support line, according to a salesforce customer service survey. That’s one out of...

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Customer service on steroids – or just augmented with latest technology? »

During recent weeks, I have had the pleasure of hearing numerous visionary thinkers talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it's going to do...

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The technology business is a people business »

In the spirit of the International Customer Service Week, we asked two of our colleagues how customer service plays a role in their everyday work.

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Leader of a corporate giant moves to be the CEO of a growing company: "In this business, there is no shortcut around the product" »


Efecte’s new CEO Niilo Fredrikson, coming from Nokia, describes his reasons for moving, elaborates on what is a good leadership culture and explains...

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Business Executive: How about trying to speak IT, for a change? »

Nowadays it’s trendy to talk about how IT departments need to come closer to business, talk in business language and grow their business know-how....

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ESM can transform an IT team into so much more »

Stereotypically an IT department is often left alone, working from distance to serve a critical, yet inconspicuous role. It doesn't get noticed when it...

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3 steps towards tomorrow's agile human resource management »

Does your organization manage HR tasks by email and phone? Do you serve your staff at office hours instead of when they really need help? And most...

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Are you serving your non-nerdy customers with nerdy-looking tools? »

“Every company will be a software company and every department is becoming an IT department.”

These are statements heard from a multitude of leading...

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