Serving your non-nerdy customers with nerdy-looking tools?

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“Every company will be a software company and every department is becoming an IT department.”

These are statements heard from a multitude of leading technologists during recent years, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. I bet that an instant question arising in the heads of leaders with no IT background is: Will every business leader need to be a software business leader and expert then, too? Do I need to become a geek?


Where systems and tools are becoming a more integral part of the business and functional director's everyday work, it is becoming more important that they are designed with the end-users in mind. And these end-users are non-technical, maybe even technology-averse people who have no "passion for technology" and no understanding for systems that work anything else than intuitively.




It was this line of thinking that especially led me to smile while reading about the newly written case story of Taitoa as Efecte’s customer.

Taitoa is a Finnish service provider for municipalities that offers financial and HR services. With its 500 employees, this well-oiled machine is able to manage almost 3,5 million invoices and a million payslips for its customers annually. Taitoa's professionals and leadership are not software people. They are people with versatile backgrounds but usually not from IT.

In the story written about them, a particular quote caught my eye: "Most of the incident handling systems are so nerdy-looking that it makes you shiver just to look at them." And this is what we're talking about: It is amazing how many systems that are nowadays used by non-nerdy people are still extremely nerdy.



Efecte has earned the Design from Finland logo for our cloud-based service management software. The Design from Finland mark “indicates the origin of unique Finnish design and emphasizes the importance of intangible work for Finland’s success and employment”. With the sleek Nordic design of Efecte's software, we want to bring simplicity to IT complexity of our customers. Ultimately, we want to let our customers and their customers concentrate on shining - whatever their business is.



Tikkurila is another example of Efecte’s customers that has managed to create effortless flows of information and work with our Edge platform. And the best part is that the flows can be created without writing a line of code.

I have heard wise people say that the world is going towards “clickers”. That is, fewer and fewer people need to know the actual coding, and more and more can be done by just clicking – dragging and dropping e.g. different parts of a workflow on an intuitive user interface. (As I wrote in my last blog post, I definitely do believe that coders are needed, too, but they should be working for companies like Efecte, not the ones whose core business is something entirely different than IT solutions.)

With such tools in use in e.g. IT departments’ own processes, it will be very easy for an organization to expand the proven service management procedures to functions like HR and finance, where people with IT-background people are usually really a scarcity.


Henriikka Åkerman

Written by Henriikka Åkerman

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