ESM can transform an IT team into so much more

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Stereotypically an IT department is often left alone, working from distance to serve a critical, yet inconspicuous role. It doesn't get noticed when it performs well but serves as the scapegoat when something goes wrong. Even in today's tech-heavy society they often face the battle of proving their value in a business environment where a department that doesn't directly add to profits is only seen as added cost.

In reality, IT departments can drive business and growth through innovation. To do this, they must stay on top of their industry and actively present any improvements they deem valuable to management. Currently IT departments are transitioning from pushing separate software to providing service-based solutions, and with the introduction of Enterprise Service Management, or ESM, the IT department can pivot itself into a new position within the organization - one where proven IT technologies are structurally and strategically expanded into other areas of the company.

Expanding ITSM strategies

In ESM thinking, a business is divided into sub-sections, each with their own function, such as HR or legal. Each function is a service, and the aim of ESM is to help these services operate efficiently and support each other. Through efficient internal processes, the business produces better results for external customers.

ESM brings tried and tested IT system management strategies into other departments to create a cohesive and universal way of handling tasks. Trackability and improved workflows allow teams to quickly handle large amounts of similar requests, reducing the need for emails or multiple platforms to handle processes such as onboarding new employees or ordering supplies.

IT can now drive sales

ESM itself is a service, but one that simplifies the operation of an organization's internal – or external – services, basically the various departments. The IT department is the hero here as it spearheads this digitization of a company's workflows by operating the ESM system and supporting the service desk. By simplifying or even automating tasks through ESM, IT helps drive production, sales, and all valuable operations within the company.

With careful implementation, ESM leads to a more collaborative organization. The company and its departments are provided with all of the tools required to operate, and value is created by limiting disruptions - not just your typical tech-related issues - and maximizing working time throughout the organization. This way any IT department can clearly help improve the company's profit-making ability.

ESM assists a company in finding new ways of working and the IT department is crucial to a successful transition. Quicker responses, increased efficiency and a transparent and easy-to-use interface transform the IT team into a profit center.


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Written by Efecte