Is your service experience better than shopping on Xmas eve?

25% of people rather go shopping on Christmas eve than calling your support line, according to a salesforce customer service survey. That’s one out of four and applies to customer service. So, what do you think the result would be today when it comes down to IT service or HR support in your enterprise?

IT or HR support through phone or email channels are still very common for every organization. However, 67% of persons expect chat to be the fastest support channel according to above mentioned study. Wouldn’t it be about time to ramp up your chat communication channel? Do you want to have a support person serve 3 customers at the same time through chat or would you rather have 2 people waiting in a phone queue?

I have been a big fan of chat as a support channel for years now. A global Swedish furniture manufacturer had been one of the shining stars of a stellar consumer experience when it introduced chat (it has unfortunately gotten a bit worse since the early days with queuing times being long and competence not as high anymore). Nowadays, I’m using it also with my bank and other online services. In case of bank services, I even choose to chat with anybody from the support desk instead of waiting to get a time with my “personal” bank advisor. It’s all about speed because the quality of service doesn’t really seem to differ whether you use email or chat. So, why don’t we see more chat as a support channel for IT and HR Service Management? Well, we probably will in the near future, considering that enterprise services very often “follow” consumer business trends.

One of the limitations of adding chat as communication channel to enterprise services has been that managing KPIs and SLA could not be centralized easily. While enterprise service management tools (also known to ITSM tools for IT managers) can out-of-the-box calculate response and resolution times for phone and email channels. The previous lack of integration of external chat tools such as Skype have been a challenge in terms of managing your business with data. The good news is that Efecte now provides a chat capability that is integrated to the service management platform. Efecte’s Multi-Room Chat solution provides performance measurement metrics for chat at the same quality level as traditional support channels.

It might not be quite Christmas yet, but you still can make a difference. Be a change agent and introduce chat to your enterprise support services creating a better support service experience this year.

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Peter Schneider

Written by Peter Schneider

I am Chief Product Officer @Efecte. Responsible for product management, product marketing and product strategy.