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I was having coffee and scrolling through a magazine that listed the 2019 workplace trends. It hit me again how lucky we at Efecte are. To be able to work in a growth company that is still small and flexible enough to allow us to develop and improve our ways of working - shaping the kind of workplace we want to be.

Trends for 2019 included providing flexible working hours, remote working and possibilities to work and to be a dad or a mom. The last one, to me, means that organizations must focus on areas that make people motivated, engaged, energized and relevant in this ever changing environment. These are all topics that we at Efecte have talked about, and have already had as common practices for some time.

We Efectiens had our 2019 company kickoff two weeks ago. All our people across Europe came to Finland for two days to celebrate the 20-year history of Efecte, and more importantly, to kick off the next 20 years. The event was filled with excitement, inspiration, clarity on the future, networking and having fun.

Please have a peek to our kickoff spirit in the video below.


During moments like these, you realize how far we have come, succeeding in making our workplace dynamic and youthful, and embracing a make-it-happen culture. It was great to see how people get together, share stories, enjoy each others’ company, and make the spirit of Efecte rise when the day turns to night. The people are the secret sauce in everything we do. We have been lucky to find talented crew that has a passion for our product, while being relaxed, inclusive and fun. No doubt there has been some growing pains during the past 20 years, but these colorful stories of the past are great! For me, having been only 1,5 years in the company, those stories come alive, and I almost feel like I would have experienced them myself. Hearing how people overcame challenges and loved this company gives me a deeper understanding and feeling of belonging to the continuum. Experiencing and belonging go hand in hand.

"The people are the secret sauce in everything we do."

In our two previous kickoff events, we have used some time to define the Efecte values together. For us, it has been important to give our people the possibility to impact our values; what we want them to be, and how they come alive at work every day. Jointly, we came up with four core values to guide us in all that we do: Trust, Challenge, Respect, and Make it happen. To start with in any relationship, we must build trust first. Based on that trust, we can start to challenge -- to challenge ourselves, challenge our colleagues and our customers, and of course boldly challenge our big global competitors! When we do that right, we will earn respect. After trust, challenging and respect are in place, it is all about making it happen. We want to forget asking whose responsibility something is and to emphasize the thinking of what can I do to fix it. It’s about jointly creating positive energy and outcomes for our customers and our own team, no matter what the obstacles are. 


This week, we were again lucky, as Efecte was invited to participate in the Great Place to Work gala in Helsinki. This meant that in the Great Place to Work survey, we succeeded in both how we run our people practices and, first and foremost, how our people feel about working with us. "Great Place to Work" is a title, which we carry with great pride and it is something we feel very fortunate to be able to call our company.

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Niina Hovi

Written by Niina Hovi

VP Culture & People at Efecte