Taitoa improved productivity and customer service

Tags: Enterprise Service Management, Customers, IT Service Management

Taitoa is a public organization offering financial and HR services to their customers in Finland. Taitoa uses Efecte’s solution in their service delivery. We interviewed Taitoa’s Service Director Tanja Peltovuoma about the cooperation.

Implementation of a new service request system

As Taitoa was growing rapidly, a service development project was started in 2014. The goals were to improve productivity and make the service more systematic. This project included the implementation of a service request system, as previously the services were provided via email and phone.

Choosing of Efecte

Efecte’s solution was implemented in October 2014 after a public tendering process. Quality and usability, in addition to cost-effectiveness were important factors when choosing the provider.

Benefits of the solution

The service request system is used for delivering materials, and serving customers with questions or problems. Also change management and incident management functionalities have been implemented. One of the key benefits is the increased visibility to many areas in Taitoa’s operations.

Cooperation with Efecte

According to Tanja, the cooperation has been active and agile. New functionalities have been taken into production during the cooperation, and the feedback from customers has been very positive.

Tanja’s tips for service development projects

In Tanja’s experience, communication is the key when going through big change projects and implementing new systems.



Written by Efecte