The technology business is a people business

Tags: Customer experience, IT Service Management

In the spirit of the International Customer Service Week, we asked two of our colleagues how customer service plays a role in their everyday work.

Milla Peurakoski is a Solution Advisor who works in Efecte’s Solution Operations Support. The unit is a second-level support team that mainly handles incidents, but also delivers more complicated change requests ordered by our customers.

Milla’s typical workday at Operations Support begins with checking the cloud environment status. If there are new incidents waiting in the queue that need immediate attention, she immediately starts to investigate.

“I investigate issues by digging through different logs, trying to reproduce the issue in a test environment, going through old incidents and problem tickets. If something similar has happened before, we already know of a possible solution or workaround. Sometimes I can’t solve an incident by myself or within my team, so I need to request help from other teams like R&D or CloudOps.”

Olli Savolainen is a consultant who helps customers in choosing and implementing Efecte solutions. Much of his work involves face-to-face contact with customers, giving him first-hand customer service experience.

A customer might need an Efecte solution to be integrated in a complex environment, which is a challenge Olli likes.

“Every customer has different needs, although on the surface, you might think there are only so many different types of cases. Our products are so flexible that they can be used in innumerable ways and I enjoy helping the customer find the solution that works best for their specific need.”

Challenges exist to be met and enjoyed

Both enjoy delivering a successful solution as quickly as possible while at the same time considering their daily challenges as a personal learning experience.

When many customers need attention to their issues simultaneously, prioritizing is an important part of Milla’s work.

“Although an issue might appear less significant in the big picture, it is important for that specific customer,” says Milla. “This means I get to work with many kinds of issues, environments and customers which is a great opportunity to see and learn a lot. And nothing beats the feeling when you work out a solution to a tough problem and can hear how happy the customer is.”

Olli agrees. “Sometimes you run into setups that you’ve never dealt with before. Then you get your brain in gear, learn fast, and in the end suggest an implementation that fits smoothly into the customer’s situation. Those things are a real endorphin boost,” he chuckles.

Technology complements a personal touch

Both “Efectians”, as we call ourselves, use state-of-the-art technologies to help them deliver.

“My main tool is our own product Efecte Service Management,” Milla says. “In our MyEfecte we have our tickets, support queues, knowledge base, ticket history data, all of which help me find solutions to the incidents. Another tool I use daily is PRTG Network Monitor, on which we can follow our cloud environment status and hopefully react to issues even before customers are affected.”

Olli particularly likes the modern communication tools that not only make it easier to keep in touch with customers but also contribute to a satisfying work-family balance.

“The best thing is that I’m not tied up to a certain place. I can work anywhere where internet is available. I can also organize my work schedule freely, around customer deadlines, of course.”


Written by Efecte