AI: the 4th Generation of Process Automation in ITSM

Tags: Self-service, Service Management, Information Security, IT Service Management, AI

Artificial Intelligence is making its way towards IT Service Management. First incarnations of AI in ITSM tools are being implemented, tested, and evolved. The use cases of AI in ITSM are still limited. Many vendors of ITSM tools focus on using AI for simple tasks such as incident categorization which already now could be done with key word-based automation.

Chat bots for IT Service Desks are emerging, however with limited or none integration to the knowledge of ITSM tools. Machine learning of bots is still very much of a supervised nature and requires intensive training by experts. Natural language processing is getting better at understanding intent of users, however are often limited to serving customers in one language only, especially in English instead of a wide range of European languages for which a variety of local executions are emerging. However, AI for ITSM will be a reality in the years to come impacting many of the capabilities of ITSM tools.

We have published a series of short articles written by our VP of Products, Peter Schneider. The areas which are covered in the coming posts are:

Part 1: Robotic Process Automation, AI-Assisted Issue Resolution & Machine Learning for Visual Workflow Automation

Part 2: Predictive Maintenance & Identity Theft Protection

Part 3: Self-Service Powered by AI & Natural Language Processing for Conversations

Part 4: Roadmap towards an All-AI ITSM World

On-demand webinar:

On Tuesday 27th of November 2018, we hosted a webinar, where Peter discussed the topic of AI with one of our key partners, You can view the webinar on-demand from the link below.

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