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I’d like to share my first impressions of working at Efecte after two months in the company, driving the customer engagement forward in Denmark.



A few months ago, I joined Efecte as pre-sales and consultant, which has been a very exciting journey from my previous experience that has been very focused on IT Infrastructure Management and design. All my new colleagues have been so helpful, supportive and want to make a difference. My colleagues in other markets are easily available whenever I feel a need for assistance. My main goal has of course been to learn as much as possible about the Efecte products and focus on using my experience to help our customers on developing the business in the right direction by supporting them with knowledge and the possibilities with Efecte as a whole. Now approaching the year end I feel like an Efectian and a member of a bigger family.

The tendency that has lasted a few years, has been very much on moving everything back to the modern mainframe or superdomes, which now is the cloud. The development was previously very focused on keeping the data in-house to make sure every regulation requirement was met. Since it’s even harder to meet regulations when using third party suppliers, it is more important than ever to document where data and information are kept.

The regulations for keeping track of every change, request and incident has been there for many years and with Efecte Enterprise Service Management it is possible to gather all information with-in the ESM from all departments and no longer only the IT guys.

Efecte Visual Analyzer - Contract Management



In my role as an Efectian I have a great advantage from my past in the IT industry. The last 15 years, I have worked with IT Operations and IT Infrastructure. Given the nature of the IT industry, the development on all aspects has been very rapid. In the beginning, the infrastructures were mostly hosted in a printer room where everyone (including the cleaning staff) in the company had access. ITIL was merely in the early days and hasn’t made its way to Denmark. The most professional datacenters back then were the mainframes used primarily by banks and other financial companies. On the mainframes, there were a lot of data and power in one place and the transactions were centralized.

Back then Linux started to make it's mark on the hosting environments, but in the early days, it was mostly Windows NT servers and IIS applications. All companies had mainly one often home-brewed customer system to store one kind of information, and the rest of the information was stored on different network drives throughout the company. There was also a big tendency to move data from the old mainframes and superdomes to smaller Windows servers.


In between

Around 5-10 years ago, ITIL emerged in Denmark and with it, a lot of Service Management systems. They were primarily from the large American organizations and had big complexity. There were not very many options for doing a custom adjustment. But the ITIL framework started to spread out in the large companies and soon become and industry standard within the IT departments.

The Service Management systems were very focused on the Service desk and Incident/ Service Request functionalities, so it was only the IT guys that were using the systems. This was an exciting time.


The near future

Efecte is constantly developing their products and services, which has been interesting to see. Next year Efecte will launch the SecureOps product which will help companies with compliance for the new EU data protection rules. I am sure this will be very easy to convince the customers to use, once they start to realize how strict the new general data protection regulation is and even more when the end-users starts to enforce the right to be forgotten. SecureOps will even more be a factor in stating that Efecte is an Enterprise Service Management tool and not only for the IT department.

I am sure that this new journey I have embarked on as an Efectian will be very exciting, and my horizon will surely broaden. One of my great hopes and wishes is that I will be able to provide insight and knowledge both for our customers and my fellow Efectians!


Kim Sørensen

Written by Kim Sørensen

Solution Consultant @Efecte. Experienced IT professional with background in IT Operations and Infrastructure. #Prince2 @ChangeManager

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