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Efecte Identity Management 2017.2 is now released and available

Apr 12, 2017 8:38:00 AM

Efecte introduces the world’s first GDPR-compliant IAM solution with embedded consent management.

Efecte Identity Management with Unique Consent Management


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced in May 25, 2018. The regulation allows individuals to be more in control of their data: where is it stored, for how long and how is it used. The GDPR introduces new and dramatic changes to the following concepts:

  • Transparency and consent to the use of personal data
  • Data protection by design and governance
  • Personal data breach notification to impacted individuals and supervisory authorities
  • Pseudonymisation of statistical and historic information
  • Right-to-be-forgotten and data portability rights


Please read more of the GDPR from the blog "GDPR and IAM - A Love Affair".

This version includes federated consent management to enable centralized data collection for authentication to any enterprise service when Efecte Identity Management used as federated IdP. This version also improves the productivity in Identity and Access Management (IAM) introducing an advanced search capabilities for administration data.


Efecte Identity Management - Entitlement Management

The new advanced search functionality allows the user to find quickly the needed information. The functionality searches for data allows the user to set one or many conditions including the attributes of the selected category with an "equal to", "does not equal", "exists" or "does not exist" logic.

Efecte continues modernizing the user interface of Efecte Identity Management to a responsive UI design pioneering the latest Angular JS2 technology. The transition is planned in incremental steps replacing one UI component at a time. Efecte Identity Management 2017.2 delivers a new notification bar, renewed password modification UI and new global search UI for list views. The UI transition will continue by new organization list views and then gradually the IAM content starting with the list view to administration data.

The new software also includes several bug fixes and minor UI adjustments in line with the renewal of user interface.

The new release has been built during the spring 2017 and is now available after the Q&A period to all customers. These upgrades will be implemented to cloud environments in May 2017 maintenance window.

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